Doing Their Thing – In Greece

Always updating this page.  Feel free to suggest sites for organizations or events in Greece seeking to create positive change!

Civil Society and Volunteerism

Arsis: Association for Social support of Youth A non-profit organization that works with youth, including refugee, immigrant and Greek youth, facing unemployment, living in institutions, or dealing with legal, education or family issues. Works with HellenicAid and Swiss-based Terres des Hommes to protect street children and to combat child labor and trafficking. (site in Greek)

Atenistas A community group that organizes actions in Athens to clean and care for community public spaces and people.  Check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Boroume (We Can) – An online initiative that connects leftover food from suppliers and restaurants with orphanages, soup kitchens, old age homes and other welfare institutions. Launched in 2011. Sign up to their newsletter through their website or contact them for info on how to get involved.

“Clean Greece, Beautify Greece” An initiative of Skai TV that has organized volunteer cleanup actions across the country at 115 sites, including public squares, parks, riverbanks, etc. The initiative has seen participation and support from municipalities, environmental organizations, regional media outlets and others.

ELIX A non-profit organization that supports volunteering and youth exchange through international programs focusing on protecting the environment, preserving cultural heritage, promoting cultural and social contribution. This site allows people to browse community action, volunteering and giving opportunities.  Users can register a profile, identify their interests, and receive updates on social needs, or post their own efforts and invite support, action and participation from members.

H.A.HU.R. Hellenic Action for Human Rights A non-profit organization that informs various social groups about their rights and freedoms and takes action to raise public awareness and respond to human rights violations, racism and social exclusion.  Also focuses on art as a bridge between cultures.

Hamogelo tou Paidou, or The Smile of the Child, a Greek non-profit that helps children when they are most in need. More info in English on this earlier blog post.

Institute for Rights Equality & Diversity A research institute that has issued socio-legal reports on fundamental rights and citizenship, including Homophobia in Greece, Racism in Sport in Greece, and the Asylum system through the eyes of Asylum Seekers. It currently leads and coordinates the EU research and public intervention RED network combating racism & xenophobia.

Kivotos-AMEA, or “Ark.” This is a rehabilitation and therapy center in the northern Greece prefecture of Kozani for children with special needs. The team includes psychiatrists, physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists, social workers, nurses and support staff. (Site in Greek)

Kivotos tou Kosmou or “The Ark” in Athens. A center to support children – up to 18 years of age – of vulnerable groups, facing abandonment, racism or social exclusion. In addition to Greek children, this includes children from Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Afghanistan and Iraq. The organization also supports homeless or poor mothers through economic aid and assistance in finding employment.

Living Library Instead of a book, you get a dialogue with a volunteer who shares their story as a way to promote human rights and combat social exclusion.  Launched by a group of volunteers in Athens in 2009.

Paremvassi Paremvassi is a Greek NGO promoting civil society.  It publishes the Greek-language quarterly review Koinonia Politon (Civil Society).

PRAKSIS A non-profit organization implementing humanitarian and health and social services programs to socially excluded groups. Programs include prevention and public awareness campaigns, anti-poverty programs and two clinics for the public.

Simetexo (I participate) The site of the annual Volunteer Festival in Athens (10th annual in 2011).  Read about the participating organizations and view pictures of the event.

Wonder Festival An initiative that brings together volunteers from different areas, fields and organizations to get to know each other, interact, share experiences and collaborate. Volunteers also introduce visitors to their various volunteer efforts and initiatives.

Events and Learning

AIESEC Greece Greek branch of the worldwide student-run organization seeking to connect students to achieve a positive societal impact globally. Hosting EuroXpro 2012, a conference where participants will establish a new forum, Global Τhink Tank4Greece.

For Free A place to learn about all kinds of events that are free of charge in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Intelligence Squared Greece A non-profit organization that hosts debates as a platform to express social, political and economic problems. Intelligence Squared is a global forum for live debate founded in 2002.

TEDx Thessaloniki, TEDx Athens, TEDx Academy and TEDxIoannina are Independent TED events that began in Greece starting in 2009. View the videos of Greek and English speakers and stay tuned for future TEDx events in Greece.  Search, Find & Book Seminars Aggregates information on seminars and E-Learning programs in the Greek market.  Started in 2009.

Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship

ESYNE | Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs Member of YES – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs. Online directory of Greek startups in IT, web and biotech.

Metavallon A non-profit initiative to attract and connect aspiring entrepreneurs, spark ideas, develop skills, and accelerate high-impact ventures.

Openfund A Greek seed capital fund.

Startegy A series of “play-driven workshops” to help people unleash ideas and facilitate entrepreneurial behavior, as they seek to start a new business or project.

Startup Greece An online networking and collaboration platform where members can meet and exchange ideas. Launched by the Greek government in collaboration with young entrepreneurs.

StartUP Live Athens  Part of the STARTeurope network, an effort founded in Vienna, Austria in 2009 to inspire “innovation through collaboration” across Europe, and connect the growing ecosystems of creativity and entrepreneurship in European countries. The first event in Athens in November 2011 brought together young entrepreneurs, mentors, experts and investors from Greece and across Europe.

Social Innovation Europe: Greece  A list of interesting businesses and initiatives in Greece that have a positive social purpose.


CoLab Co-working space in Athens.

loft2work Co-working space in Athens.

Jelly Casual coworking sessions organized at co-working spaces, homes, businesses, coffeeshops. The Greek communities of Jelly Athens and Jelly Ioannina are members of the Jelly global initiative.


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