Do Your Thing – In Greece

The Athens Fellowship and Reinventing Greece Media Project: The Next Generation Initiative (HelleNext) hosts a two-week trip to Greece for American college/university students. In 2011, the Athens Fellows launched the Reinventing Greece Media Project, a youth-led project reporting on the successful and new ideas, initiatives and enterprises of leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations and youth in different sectors seeking to reinvent Greece and their communities. The application process usually opens in April and the trip usually takes place late June/early July.

Crete Writing Workshop: This culture and writing program, organized by faculty from Boston University and Greek universities, in cooperation with the Regional Press Institute (RPI), takes place on Crete and is conducted in English. Applications for each summer are usually due in April. Open to students in the U.S., Greece and other countries.

College Year in Athens: Year, semester and summer study opportunities.

CEA Global Education: Founded in 1997, this organization provides study abroad opportunities for students from the U.S. and Canada.  They will facilitate a course and field seminar in Greece in 2012. More info will be posted on their website in the future.

DIAS International Academic Studies: Program offers students from different countries an opportunity to take summer courses offered by Greek universities in Crete and Athens (this may include universities in other Greek cities in the future). Courses are taught in English, applications due in June.

Foreign Policy Study Trip to Greece: The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) hosts a two-week trip to Greece for college students. Applications are usually due in early May.

Greek Summer:  The American Farm School offers a cultural immersion program for high school students. Participants live with a Greek family and get involved in community. Applications open in the fall for the following summer.

Hellenic American Educational Foundation Fellowship: An opportunity for recent university graduates (up to age 26) to teach at Athens College and Psichico College.

Hellenic Birthright: A PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation program launched in 2012, in collaboration with Anatolia College and the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT). Takes place June-July, applications due mid-April.

Heritage Greece Scholarship: DEREE and the National Hellenic Society (NHS), an organization of Greek-American philanthropists, provide students an opportunity to participate in a two-week cultural immersion program.  Open to students age 18 – 26, preferably those who have not traveled to Greece before. The program takes place in June, and applications are usually due in early May.

International Black Sea Symposium: The Symposium is held by the International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS), which conducts policy-oriented research on the Black Sea region. It began in 2008 and is usually held in late June. Young professionals (22 – 35 years old) can apply to participate.  Applications are usually due early April.

International Summer School for Greek Language, History, and Culture: This program, hosted by the Institute for Balkan Studies (IMXA), is open to undergraduate students and takes place near Thessaloniki July – August.

Journey to Greece: Summer courses for undergraduates, at the University of Indianapolis’s campus in Greece.  The program is offered by the AHEPA Educational Foundation and the University of Indianapolis. Applications are usually due sometime in April.

Olympia Summer Seminars in Conflict and Peace Studies: Seminars at the International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece. For graduate and senior undergraduate students and researchers, must be fluent in English. Organized by the Navarino Network, a public policy initiative based in Thessaloniki, with the support of other universities and foundations.

Paideia Study Abroad Programs: Paideia offers summer, spring break and winter break study abroad programs in Greece. Visit the website for application information.

Additional resources and programs are listed on the Modern Greek Studies Association site here.


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