TEDx: New Ideas Presented in Thessaloniki and Athens Events

On May 9, 2010, an independent TED event took place in Thessaloniki.  For those that have not heard of TED, it is a nonprofit focusing on “Ideas Worth Spreading.”  Through conferences and its website, TED hosts and shares clear, dynamic and inspiring presentations by speakers from a range of backgrounds and fields.  It recently began a community program, TEDx, which allows people to organize independent TED-style conferences around the world.

The recent TEDx Thessaloniki event included TED videos and live presentations by four speakers.  Leontios Hadjiantoniades, a musician and Associate Professor at Aristotle University, presented Epione, an idea-project that uses technology for pain management. Journalist Filios Stangos used stunning photographs to highlight how the city of Thessaloniki can transform the current crisis Greece is undergoing into an opportunity to become an economic and cultural center in the country and the Balkan region.  Martin Angelov, an architect from Bulgaria who spent much of his childhood in Greece, presented his pioneering idea for alternative urban transportation:  overhead bicycle lanes. Finally, a barefoot Marios Spyroglou, director and creator of Wedge Group, invited the audience to kick off their shoes and leave them on a stage, to illustrate how we must move beyond our concern for how others view or define us if we are to move from words to creative, progressive action.

Read more about the TEDx Thessaloniki event and the four speakers here:  http://www.tedxthessaloniki.com/ The videos of the Greek speakers will be posted, so stay tuned!

Last year’s TEDx Athens event also included TED videos and presentations by four Greek speakers.  Nikita Kastis, deputy director of the Lambrakis Foundation, discussed the relationship between education and innovation.  Vironas Riginos spoke about volunteerism, and how citizens and NGOs can work together to develop and encourage innovative ideas to solving problems.  Katerina Affanti, a scientist, introduced the audience to nanotechnology and its applications in medicine.  Thomas Mylonas, an award-winning entrepreneur, talked about the importance of creativity in all aspects of our lives, and led the audience in an entertaining participatory exercise.

To give TED talks and the new ideas of TED speakers an even broader reach, TED also began an Open Translation Project where volunteer translators are invited to translate TED talks into various languages.  Share the TED talks translated to Greek with friends and family in Greece.  And – how timely – meet one of the Greek volunteer TED translators through this recent TEDBlog interview.

Update:  The TEDx Thessaloniki videos are online!  Check them out here. Enjoy!