Eco Film Competition This Weekend

In 2009, the 48 Hour Film Project inspired Executive Producer Francesco Vitali and Producer Christos Siametis to start 48 Go Green in Athens:  The Athens films.

This year, the 48 Hour Film Project, in association with the creators of 48 Go Green in Athens, are making 48 GO GREEN global.

The winning film will be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival and the creators will receive a $5,000 cash prize. Registered teams have 48 hours, from February 18-20, to create a film – including writing the script, filming and editing.  You may bump into the teams in action in the cities with in-person competitions:  Atlanta, Boston, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Portland and San Francisco.  The 48 Hour Film Project began in 2001, inspiring thousands of films from participating teams.  Check out past films on the 48HFP site, and vote online in this year’s competition from February 22 – March 3.

April 2011 Update:

The winners of the 2011 48 GO GREEN have been selected and can be viewed here.  The film Homeless by demode production in Greece was one of the 16 finalists, watch it after the jump.


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