Digital Civil Society

The 7th issue of the e-Civil Society newsletter is out.  This electronic newsletter is the digital edition of Paremvassi’s printed magazine on civil society.  Paremvassi puts together an interesting collection of articles,  in both Greek and English, written by regular contributors or gathered from Greek and international media.   This edition focuses on journalism in a digital age.   Earlier editions focused on e-government, virtual volunteerism, privacy and social networking.  They are available online and by email subscription.

Paremvassi or Citizen’s Union Intervention, founded in 1995, encourages progress and modernization through the strengthening of civil society, promotion of electronic governance and civic participation, and promotion of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

Check out this edition’s English articles to read about, among other things:

  • how media is evolving and changing our culture and etiquette of communication
  • how to balance the increasing openness of the Internet with security and national or corporate interests
  • different views on Wikileaks, and
  • how public policy might support declining newspapers.

Check out the Greek articles to read about, among other things:

  • a proposal by Paremvassi’s VP on how ERT, Greek national television, can serve as a tool to help Greece out of the crisis
  • the impact of the increase in blogs on traditional media
  • how the law applies to blogs
  • a code of ethics for blogs proposed by a Greek lawyer focusing on digital media, and
  • young people pursuing innovative business rather than the public sector.

This last article, based on the results of a survey conducted on behalf of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is pleasantly surprising. Despite the odds being stacked against an entrepreneur in Greece thanks to a myriad of obstacles, young Greeks are innovating.  The article spotlights OpenFund (invests in and supports businesses in emerging technologies), (an online photomapping service), the second method (develops educational software), Total Eclipse (a leading company in computer games), and novo1 (an educational robot currently under development).  Interestingly enough, this TED talk, Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs, was posted online around the same time this article was published in Kathimerini – June 2010.  But I digress…and reveal my favorites.

Take a look at the newsletter and choose your favorite articles.



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