Green Design Around Athens

If I were in Greece right now, this is where I’d be (well, a couple days from now): Green Design Festival 2010, September 23 to October 10.  Designers from various design fields will share their work to help ignite discussions on living in socially and environmentally sustainable ways.  Syntagma Square will be the site of an Ecomuseum with exhibition spaces, an amphitheater and a solar panel stage.  The graphics of how it will appear are pretty fun.  There will be architectural installations in several other locations throughout the city’s center as well.

The Festival is a project of Brainlab, a Greek NGO promoting cultural and artistic innovation, and is held under the auspices of the City of Athens and the Hellenic Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change.  This is the festival’s second year, after it debuted in 2008.

For those of us who are not in Greece and cannot physically attend, there’s a way to be a part of the project from afar:  upload photos or videos to the website on the “I See Green” page.  We can also get to know the Ecoheroes that will be honored at the festival.  Ten Greek graphic designers were invited to create a poster representing the story of each of these individuals or groups, recognized as Ecoheroes for promoting green living by living it.   The posters are available on the festival site, along with the bio of each Ecohero and designer, and the images are open for public use.  The festival and the designers invite you to download some of the graphics and print them on t-shirts and reusable bags, or to use them in creating your own green messages.

Check it out, post some pictures.

And just for fun, here’s the official video from Green Design Festival 2008:


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