Fun Stuff: Social Bike Rides in Athens

This week I’d like to share a post from about a weekly social gathering in Athens – on bicycles!  The DailyFrappe post follows:

“A weekly relaxing Friday evening bike ride through the streets of Athens between a group of five friends that began two and a half years ago has ballooned to a large social gathering every week now in the heart of Athens.

Freeday has become a weekly evening outing which gathers thousands of bicyclists in the Thissio area of Athens around 10 PM. From there, the large group of bicyclists winds its way through the city streets on excursions in different areas of the city.

The idea recently exploded in popularity after being posted on Facebook and encouraging other bicyclists to join.

We love it. A great social gathering, good exercise and great way to discover the secrets of Athens. Check out the following link for a clip of the Freeday Athens adventure.”

The Freeday video is awesome.  Thanks for the great find, DailyFrappe! Can’t wait to visit Greece and borrow a bicycle…


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